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83 120 months ago Impress the girls unread kitblake  
82 120 months ago Give your partner a one-way ticket to ecstasy-land. unread kitblake  
81 120 months ago Removes ED and increases blood flow to the penis practically making you a MOVING SEX MACHINE... unread kitblake  
80 129 months ago Orgasm Enhancer unread johnnydebris  
79 130 months ago You could be on top in bedroom again √ just ask us for help. unread johnnydebris  
78 131 months ago hoist your night event unread johnnydebris  
77 131 months ago We offer the best alarm-clocks for your little friend down there. unread johnnydebris  
45 157 months ago Possible memory leak in Docma/Word deferred johnny  
49 71 months ago Summary Command #7950 unread johnny  
67 76 months ago Double links crash Docma unread johnny  
74 77 months ago abbr and acronym elements in silva xml are rendered in plain text by silva2doc and silva2pdf unread walco walco
72 194 months ago Numbered lists don't restart numbering unread johnny  
66 200 months ago Single document w2s conversion returns folder unread johnny  
65 201 months ago slv2doc/standalone - No world file written when last element is not convertable unread wolfgang johnny
64 201 months ago Table cell contents alignment gets lost in roundtrip unread johnny  
62 201 months ago Problems with document titles (first page) testing johnny johnny
61 201 months ago table style selector change in Silva-0.9.2 testing kitblake  
60 202 months ago problem with superscript in table cells unread kitblake johnny
58 203 months ago Indexes in headings disappear after Word conversion testing johnny johnny
56 203 months ago links in table cells are not converted properly on import testing kitblake  
54 203 months ago Lists are the wrong type after conversion chatting johnny johnny
53 203 months ago Headings all end up as 'normal' in-progress johnny johnny
52 203 months ago Index page of Word documents is converted to XML as well testing johnny johnny
48 203 months ago Title sometimes wrong testing johnny  
47 203 months ago Indexes end up as singletons done-cbb johnny johnny
44 203 months ago Wrong ids generated for documents testing johnny  
41 203 months ago Metadata lost in round-trip s2w2s unread johnny  
40 203 months ago Failing word document studiegids 2002-03.doc unread johnny  
39 203 months ago failing document ew2003-10.doc testing johnny  
38 203 months ago failing document leeskabinet.doc testing johnny  
37 203 months ago failing document instructie.doc testing johnny  
36 203 months ago Mysterious freezes of Word on testmachine testing johnny  
31 204 months ago usernames in the queue screens testing kitblake johnnydebris
10 208 months ago Time estimation is not correct at all. testing zagy  
76 176 months ago plain text to SilvaDocument conversion? unread zach  
75 188 months ago DocmaPDF branch should become HEAD unread roman faassen
69 198 months ago import resulting in just one Silva document unread verster  
68 199 months ago no index created if heading follows heading unread kitblake  
28 206 months ago Use title as description unread zagy  
27 206 months ago Get email address automatically unread zagy  
24 206 months ago Lists should be recognised even if they are not marked up with a docma style testing zagy kitblake
20 206 months ago Images roundtrip unread zagy  
1 208 months ago Imported Silva objects have unknown author testing kitblake johnnydebris
12 157 months ago The server should be able to tell the progress of a job unread zagy  
63 201 months ago Check for unused XMLRPC (and other?) methods unread johnny  
57 203 months ago Check if templates can be placed outside of Docma directory unread johnny  
42 203 months ago Standalone tools should all subclass cl_app testing johnny  
30 205 months ago Let the user upload templates chatting zagy  
29 205 months ago Errors due to word flaws are not recoginsed by the user. unread zagy  
26 206 months ago Don't use internal word styles chatting zagy  
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