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ID Activity Title
8 197 months ago The id of the export-root is not converted back
7 197 months ago Table column widths are not handled correctly, tables are to large sometimes
6 197 months ago Table styles are not converted back
4 197 months ago Leaving out the email-address raises TypeError on import page
2 197 months ago `Select All' does not work on the import screen
76 165 months ago plain text to SilvaDocument conversion?
75 177 months ago DocmaPDF branch should become HEAD
69 187 months ago import resulting in just one Silva document
68 188 months ago no index created if heading follows heading
28 195 months ago Use title as description
27 195 months ago Get email address automatically
24 195 months ago Lists should be recognised even if they are not marked up with a docma style
22 195 months ago Silva imports Word doc as file object
20 195 months ago Images roundtrip
16 197 months ago Hyphenation on or off?
1 197 months ago Imported Silva objects have unknown author
12 145 months ago The server should be able to tell the progress of a job
73 183 months ago Best regards
63 190 months ago Check for unused XMLRPC (and other?) methods
57 191 months ago Check if templates can be placed outside of Docma directory
42 192 months ago Standalone tools should all subclass cl_app
30 194 months ago Let the user upload templates
29 194 months ago Errors due to word flaws are not recoginsed by the user.
26 195 months ago Don't use internal word styles
25 195 months ago Automatic table style recognition
21 195 months ago DocMa & CrossOver Office
17 196 months ago Better error handling
15 197 months ago Any unrecognised style should be converted to a paragraph
13 197 months ago Use a fairer job queue algorithm
11 197 months ago The user should be notified if there was an error while processing
5 197 months ago Leaving out the description should result in filename
3 197 months ago Downloading finished jobs shouldn't be a button but a link per file.
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