When No-Exam Life Insurance Is Practical

The majority of people see the significance of acquiring quality life insurance, as well as in several instances how it functions as part of a long-term strategy where you can provide protection for shielding family members. But if you are trying to find life-insurance with no medical examination, you are one of many if you are having trouble obtaining a coverage at a cost you can manage. Therefore, who should think about no medical-exam coverage?

Individuals Who Have Not Seen Their Doctor in Years

At this stage, you don't know if your laboratory work (based on the blood test they take) is going to be ordinary or not. Life-insurance agents see lots of folks who say they’re the image of a healthy body who have not had a need to see their doctor in the previous couple of years, and as soon as the laboratory results come they are surprised at their raised cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure or whatever it may be. This could raise your life-insurance premium and even cause an application rejection.

Acquiring a no medical-exam life insurance plan before obtaining traditional protection provides you with the reassurance that even if you skip the medical examination, your household will undoubtedly be protected.

In case your conventional totally underwritten coverage returns without any problems in the checkup, just terminate your no checkup life-insurance plan.

Should You Want a Plan Quickly

Typical life insurance underwriting usually takes four to ten weeks. In case you cannot wait that long, think about a no medical exam life-insurance plan. Should you meet the requirements, you'll have protection in effect within days rather than months.

We observe lots of folks who purchase coverage right before a trip or who need coverage immediately to guarantee a loan. Others only want to ease their minds as soon as possible and put it to use as a place-holder till they are able to be qualified for a conventional (and more affordable) coverage.

You Don’t Enjoy the Exams

Nobody actually loves getting poked by a needle, but for many it is a deal breaker. Life-insurance without medical examination is just the ticket for such people. No needles, no doctor’s appointments, and the checkup isn't any longer an excuse to not protecting your loved ones.

The Bottom Line

Life-insurance without an examination is not for everybody, but nonetheless, it definitely has its place. With no doubt in my head, I understand that more individuals are covering their family members due to the ease of acquiring a life-insurance plan.

If you are regarding a no medical-exam life-insurance plan, get in touch with your life-insurance broker and investigate your alternatives. Take this life-insurance purchase off the back-burner and provide protection for your loved ones now. To see the best rates and plans that are coming next year, check out no exam insurance 2014 - noexaminsurers.com.