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Title containers as index 'documents'
Priority bug Status chatting
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Created on 2005-11-29.18:18:11 by aaltepet, last changed 2006-01-30.05:27:48 by kitblake.

msg8325 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2006-01-30.05:27:47
I noticed on a site where 'index' is a Ghost Folder. Somewhat dangerous, as I
almost deleted the 'second' one.
msg8001 (view) Author: aaltepet Date: 2005-11-29.18:18:10
If you add a folder (or presumably a publication) with id of 'index' (the index
document of a container), it appears twice, once in the '0' location, and once
in it's real location.  My first thought was to suggest raising this as an
error, but someone may have an index container that is a gallery (containing
images), so that one would make sense.  Unless there was an "allow_as_index"
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