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Title Hires links on images work when set from Kupu, not from Forms editor
Priority bug Status deferred
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Created on 2005-12-16.11:00:50 by johnny, last changed 2006-11-14.11:08:48 by philipp.

msg8408 (view) Author: faassen Date: 2006-02-02.10:50:40
Will look into this in SIlva 1.6 era.
msg8388 (view) Author: faassen Date: 2006-02-01.16:46:45
Deferring this one for Silva 1.5.
msg8148 (view) Author: faassen Date: 2006-01-19.14:41:48
This one is too hairy to tackle before the beta, so deferring it.
msg8104 (view) Author: faassen Date: 2006-01-17.18:19:11
The design with the attribute in the XML indicating you want a highres link sounds
better than the extra parameter in the URL -- the renderer could and should take
of this. What does Kupu do when you switch back from highres? Rip off the ?hires
bit too?

We need to verify what both renderers (both xmlwidgets as well as XSLT) do when
generating hires links.

If we drop the requirement for ?hires we don't expect backwards compatibility
issues. We do need to check what happens with links that *already* have this
?hires bit in them.
msg8018 (view) Author: johnny Date: 2005-12-16.11:00:50
When creating an image with a link to its hires version in Kupu, it works like a
charm. When doing the same with the Forms editor, the link points to the scaled
down version, not to the hires one. It looks like Kupu creates both an attribute
called 'link_to_hires' with a value of '1', and appends '?hires' to the URL in
the link field, while the Forms editor only creates the attribute, not the URL

I'm not sure which of those two behaviours is right, it sounds to me like having
both an attribute and a prefix is redundant, but obviously some choice should be
made and applied consistently in order for the forms editor and Kupu to both
work properly.
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