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Title SNN: newsviewers do not appear in the inline viewer's parameters form select list
Priority feature Status deferred
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Created on 2006-01-25.17:50:52 by kitblake, last changed 2006-09-29.06:37:25 by kitblake.

msg8760 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2006-09-29.06:37:25
I'd love to use the ReferenceLookupWindowField, but unfortunately Guido ported
everything to js, and there's no js version of the ReferenceLookupWindowField.
Those tool boxes are done with js dom manipulation. But maybe that's the answer,
we might be able to lookup the viewers just like an image. 

That's a little less friendly than presenting a pre-gathered list, but it also
may solve the problem of only having things in the list which can be acquired.
Thus you'd be able to refer to any viewer anywhere on the site.
msg8759 (view) Author: mpetit Date: 2006-09-28.23:10:03
if the inline viewer would still be a pure code source i would elegantly solve
this problem by using the ReferenceLookupWindowField instead of a
programmatically populated ListField. wouldn't this simplify the code quite a bit?
msg8661 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2006-08-02.07:09:39
Deferring this one, as the js has its own little virtual environment and isn't
conscious of anything in content space. Moving to 2.2.
msg8314 (view) Author: johnny Date: 2006-01-26.11:09:24
Played around with this a bit, but it's really quite involved, so unfortunately
not going to fix it rightaway...
msg8306 (view) Author: johnny Date: 2006-01-26.10:12:54
Want to have this fixed right after an upcoming release, preferrably before news
gets prepared for the Silva 1.5 release (which I think now will be SNN 2.1).
msg8291 (view) Author: mpetit Date: 2006-01-25.20:49:52
(already reported a few days ago;-) the acquisition of the viewers in the external source seems 
weird for me. it acquires the viewers in the same folder as the code source. but this is not what an 
author expects. the inline viewer should acquire all viewers which are in the same directory as the 
silva document where it is inserted and all levels below. as it is setup now, authors might need 
multiple silva news inline viewer code sources in different folders (but authors don't have access to 
the zmi). this is against the philosophy of the new code sources: have one code source, change 
the parameters.
msg8280 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2006-01-25.17:50:52
The inv in SNN has a context problem. No newsviewers appear in the select list
in the Kupu toolbox.
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