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Title SNN: archive view enhancements
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Created on 2006-01-25.21:14:42 by mpetit, last changed 2006-07-28.20:33:08 by kitblake.

msg8657 (view) Author: faassen Date: 2006-07-28.18:24:46
Hey, we looked into this but it's a more work than we hoped - the viewer will
need to do catalog queries for each filter it has, for each month, plus the same
for each year, which will affect performance for situations with lots of news items.

As the complexity and impact is higher than we thought, we've therefore decided
to put off implementing this feature for now.
msg8627 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2006-07-19.17:30:31
Good idea, assigning to Wim.
msg8295 (view) Author: mpetit Date: 2006-01-25.21:14:42
i have a little problem with the timetable in the archive view. i'm missing a link to show all items 
in one year. currently, one has to click through all months; there is no visual feedback about how 
many items are in a month/year.

in my opinion the table should have a header containing the year.

<< 2004 Jan Feb Mrz Apr Mai Jun Jul Aug Sep Okt Nov Dez 2006 >>

clicking on this year all news items of this year are shown. maybe it would also be possible to 
include the number of news items to the links; something like:

<< 2004 Jan(3) Feb(4) Mrz(5) Apr(1) Mai(2) Jun(4) Jul(7) Aug(1) Sep(2) Okt Nov Dez 2006 >>

or have the information available in the tool tips of the links if the above takes too much space.
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