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Title Kupu Error when changing Number of Table-Columns
Priority urgent Status testing
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Created on 2006-05-19.05:53:22 by kitblake, last changed 2007-02-19.17:42:54 by kitblake.

msg9198 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2007-02-19.17:42:53
To be clear, the workaround for 1.5 users is to make use of the Kupu buttons
(add row, remove; add column, remove). Then click in the table and the widths
will update. Using the Firefox table controls to add/delete doesn't work. This
functionality will return in 1.6.
msg9190 (view) Author: wim Date: 2007-02-19.16:35:54
It only updates when using the buttons add and remove columns rows.
When using the remove function in kupu it doesn't update.
msg9083 (view) Author: jasper Date: 2007-02-06.15:12:04
Fixed this bug in silva (1.6) trunk.
Unfortunately we can't really change things in kupu for silva1.5

There's a workaround for 1.5 users, just click on the table, and the "column
width" field will be updated.
msg8733 (view) Author: irene Date: 2006-09-22.10:12:40
It also doesn't work in the other direction: If I add a column to a table I
can't add demension information for the new column.

As our editors often face this problem and it's an important feature, I would be
grateful if you could take a look at this!
msg8553 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2006-05-19.05:53:22
I have a table with the following relative dimensions 1,1,4.
Let's now assume I'd like to remove the middle column - and I do that with
either the small handles or the "remove column" button.

The dimensions still remain set to 1,1,4 - even after saving the document.

When I change the dimension settings to 1,4 (which would be correct) Kupu
complains that the given dimensions don't match the number of columns. Strange...

After publishing and re-editing Kupu has removed the middle '1' and now the
(correct) dimensions of 1,4 are shown. But I find this a little bit confusing :-)
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