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Title Public Access Restrictions @@minimum_role_submit error
Priority critical Status resolved
Superseder error in access screen (list)
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Nosy List faassen, kitblake, thisfred, wim (list)
Assigned To Topics Silva-1.5, Silva-1.6 (list)

Created on 2006-06-29.09:14:09 by wim, last changed 2006-06-29.13:48:19 by wim.

msg8619 (view) Author: wim Date: 2006-06-29.13:48:19
fixed de action in Silva 1.5 branch and the Silva trunk
msg8616 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2006-06-29.10:11:06
Upping this to critical because it's present in Silva 1.5.
msg8615 (view) Author: wim Date: 2006-06-29.09:14:09
when setting a public access restriction a 404 is returned, stating:
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