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Title Standard error message can't call anything when behind an access restriction
Priority bug Status testing
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Created on 2006-07-31.17:14:38 by kitblake, last changed 2007-03-21.10:40:47 by kitblake.

msg9288 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2007-03-21.10:40:46
Nevermind, I see what has changed. We have a metadata call in the html tag now:

lang python: here.get_metadata_element('silva-extra', 'language') or nothing;

So any call to the layout macro means a call to the metadata system. Setting to
msg9287 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2007-03-21.10:05:45
Maybe this is the first in what will be an array of errors, but I thought
anonymous should be able to access this:

You are not allowed to access 'get_viewable' in this context.

Or is it that everything is restricted, and to have a nice looking error message
behind an access restriction, we'd have to have flat html?
msg9095 (view) Author: daniel Date: 2007-02-07.16:14:40
For this to work, we'd have to create a separate layout_macro for errors that
wouldn't access any dynamic elements like metadata.
msg8658 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2006-07-31.17:14:38
In a site with an access restriction, the error page can only be flat html, we
can't call any zope python scripts, macros, etc. This is a problem for all sites
that like to render a nice looking 404. Silva includes an error message template
that calls the layout_macro. That errors now. This seems to be a change in Zope,
as it used to work. The code hasn't changed since 1.0.
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