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Title Update Documentation
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Created on 2007-02-13.15:53:20 by wim, last changed 2013-10-18.21:51:59 by waggishentrails.

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msg9311 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2007-03-26.18:58:15
Wim, wait a minute. Do the export from the site:
Then when the metadata is written out in the xml, the location will be there,
not the dev site.

This is the way we should export the documentation from now on (it means
copy/pasting the original from the dev site into the com site before the
release) and doing the xml export from there.
msg9310 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2007-03-26.18:42:10
This should be fixed. Wim, can you prep (and test, install) the docs for the
msg9128 (view) Author: wim Date: 2007-02-13.15:53:19

While testing Silva 2.0 and adding documentation it links to silva Documentation
Make we should change this to Silve Documentation and Or update the
Documentation for newer versions

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