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Title Text decoration buttons in Kupu not showing state correctly
Priority bug Status deferred
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Created on 2007-02-14.12:16:58 by thisfred, last changed 2013-10-17.18:31:00 by waggishentrails.

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msg9241 (view) Author: jasper Date: 2007-03-08.15:21:07
the hilite behavior is very complex, 
it does not work very consistent, and there are so many states to take into account.
deferring this issue, this is not an easy fix
msg9143 (view) Author: thisfred Date: 2007-02-14.12:16:58
Minor visual annoyance:

When you type some text, hit the button for subscript (or any one of the text
decoration buttons) type some more text, and hit the button again to leave
subscript mode again, that works, except the button stays green, and thus the
user is led to believe it is still selected. If this is easy to fix we should do it.
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