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Title SNN + zope 2.10 == end of the party
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Created on 2007-02-16.16:51:55 by wim, last changed 2007-02-16.17:10:47 by kitblake.

msg9166 (view) Author: wim Date: 2007-02-16.16:51:54

While testing I finally had to test Silva News Trunk + Silva 2.0 and it breakes
with zope 2.10
You get errors like SilvaNews/www/blabla.zpt does not exist.
Commenting out manage_ that creates blabla.zpt in all places didn't do trick.
You get attribute errors on methods then.

The combination Zope 2.8.8 + Silva News Trunk + Silva 1.6b4 runs fine
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