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Title Setting the locale in zope.conf breaks the SMI
Priority bug Status testing
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Created on 2007-03-12.17:50:27 by thisfred, last changed 2007-03-13.12:07:44 by thisfred.

msg9261 (view) Author: thisfred Date: 2007-03-13.12:07:44
Hmm, the locale setting seems to be using the system locales: I have none set up
on my machine, so zope won't boot when I set one. I'll try to see whether I can
install a few locales without my machine switching to another language ;)
msg9258 (view) Author: flynt Date: 2007-03-12.19:57:56
The locael parameter in zope.conf did seem to play no role in the past. We had
it set or not set to experiment during various encoding problems in the past. It
did no good, it did no harm. However, now it seems to matter.

I think it is interesting to see wether you can confirm that in your environment
as well. I can imagine that the way a machine is set up could interfere as well
(serving as default). I observed also different codec error types; when set up
with Python-2.3.4 I got "invalid data" and on the same machine, when set up with
Python-2.3.6 I got the famous 'range not in ordinal' thingy.
msg9257 (view) Author: kitblake Date: 2007-03-12.18:32:47
Putting this in testing, but I'd like to know more, and config zope.conf for en,
then de, and see what happens.
msg9254 (view) Author: thisfred Date: 2007-03-12.17:50:27
Reported by ETH:

setting the 'locale' variable in zope.conf (or at the very least, setting it to
'de_CH') results in errors in all SMI views. This does not break anything in
Silva 1.5 with the same Zope (2.8.8).
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