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Title I need to let you in on this secret, its the real thing for free
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          Subscription Update Home • 
            Visit our 
                  Daily Update from Your 
                  Subscriptions!Date: August, 2009 Username: 
                  Latest Updates
          This email was sent to, the 
            current email address on your Account, input when you created your 
            account or edited your Account Info. It is a recurring email, 
            although we'll send it only on days when there are new updates from 
            your subscriptions.If you'd like to edit the email address 
            on your account, please visit your Account 
            Info.To unsubscribe or edit your subscription settings, 
            please visit your Email Update 
            Options.If you have additional questions about this email or 
            your Account, please email us or 
            send a letter to:Getamqas Inc., Attn: Subscription Services, 
            P.O. Box 461 Jrnconn Esdin, New York, NY 83422
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