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Title Hey really nice solution. Vertu for chep
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Created on 2010-02-21.10:08:04 by jasper, last changed 2010-02-21.10:08:04 by jasper.

msg9392 (view) Author: jasper Date: 2010-02-21.10:08:03
Creating the perfect replica Designer phones is our most involved, complex and dedicated pursuit. Beneath the slick polished exterior of a Vertu, lies the complicated and precise interior chipset and software. To replicate them well requires a high level of expertise, and thatÂ’s exactly where we seek to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We create the highest quality range of Vertu replicas in the market, easily distinguishable by the high level of finish as well as the firmware and software, which are identical to the originalsÂ’
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