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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
1368 150 months ago Release communication in-progress thisfred
1577 150 months ago Kupu Error when changing Number of Table-Columns testing jasper
1565 68 months ago manage_convertIndexes slow unread  
1692 68 months ago Text decoration buttons in Kupu not showing state correctly deferred jasper
1722 148 months ago wrong version in kupu logo in the SMI chatting  
1591 148 months ago Kupu editor view not i18n chatting thisfred
1606 149 months ago Standard error message can't call anything when behind an access restriction testing daniel
1704 149 months ago Problem with CheckBoxFields as parameters in CodeSources testing wim
1645 149 months ago Ghosts without date in HTTP header testing thisfred
1588 149 months ago error in access screen testing daniel
1708 149 months ago Setting the locale in zope.conf breaks the SMI testing thisfred
1607 150 months ago combination of file/image reference in document and SilvaLayout skin need-eg daniel
1673 150 months ago test content upgrade from Silva 1.5 to Silva 1.6 chatting thisfred
1349 151 months ago can't place headings inside list items in kupu deferred  
1597 151 months ago Losing Assets in filesystem when copying within a ZEO installation need-eg faassen
1452 153 months ago Hires links on images work when set from Kupu, not from Forms editor deferred faassen
1397 154 months ago cutting and pasting doesn't strip msoNormal from paragraphs chatting  
1443 162 months ago containers as index 'documents' chatting  
1271 68 months ago API doc is missing accessibility link methods chatting kitblake
1713 70 months ago NewInterface chatting thisfred
1418 148 months ago SNN SilvaNews using fssite testing faassen
1714 148 months ago ReferenceLookupWindowField doesn't accept absolute external links chatting  
1625 150 months ago changing users settings of local users deferred daniel
1561 153 months ago get launchpad i18n done-cbb thisfred
1510 162 months ago french localization for the button "groups admin..." is not available deferred thisfred
1687 68 months ago Update Documentation chatting  
1550 69 months ago Monitor chatting  
1383 162 months ago Remove PIL dependency from tests in-progress faassen
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