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ID Activity Title
1043 176 months ago Alternating row css class for tables
1044 177 months ago Refactoring of UI export/import system
1045 176 months ago Properties tab of publications show awkward value for 'last author'
1046 177 months ago sprout README unclear
1047 175 months ago Make use of static download URL of ExtFile
1048 175 months ago Default Silva install should have normal (not the complex) accessibility links
1049 172 months ago create a Silva File storage conversion script
105 198 months ago Possible import error with
1050 177 months ago Attribute error 'get_tabs' when trying to (pre)view SilvaDocument
1051 176 months ago lowercase filenames in get file reference dialog
1052 176 months ago Additional parameter for get_public_tree
1053 175 months ago .zip and .xml are too generic as extension names
1054 176 months ago importing titleless documents errors on rename
1055 177 months ago dead issue
1056 176 months ago Fullmedia import does not import image and file assets correctly
1057 176 months ago Fullmedia export breaks when ghost items with broken references are exported
1058 176 months ago some parts of xmlimport (ghost,ghostfolders) are not properly implemented
1059 175 months ago When an id is in use on the Zope level, inform users accordingly
106 198 months ago Make sure contains text
1060 177 months ago Check ExternalSources against 1.1 beta
1061 176 months ago kupu get link reference popup fixes
1062 176 months ago updated documentation
1063 176 months ago clean out SilvaDocument editor support related code
1064 175 months ago Adding a citation to the title with kupu
1065 177 months ago clean out SilvaDocument editor support related code
1066 176 months ago kupu does not handle 'pre' correctly
1067 176 months ago kupu turns links into links with _self target
1068 176 months ago New style xml import of Silva AutoTOC objects fails
1069 176 months ago new style XML export of Silva Documents has a dependency on Silva ExternalSources
107 198 months ago table edit bug with 0.8.6
1070 176 months ago abbrev and acronym support for XSLT renderer
1071 175 months ago import/export system workflow review
1072 176 months ago TOC support for XSLT renderer
1073 176 months ago abbr and acronym needs to be added to forms editor notes
1074 176 months ago internet explorer does not support abbr
1075 177 months ago metadata retrieval API for versions should be simpler
1076 172 months ago SilvaExternalSource re-sorting the results set from a SQL query
1077 176 months ago default renderers tab should be the first in service_renderers
1078 176 months ago problem with XSLT renderer for included silva documentation
1079 171 months ago export PDF button in export screen
108 182 months ago SilvaNews refresh removes all subjects
1080 176 months ago Kupu generates incorrect attribute for P type
1081 175 months ago ContainerAdapter
1082 176 months ago Empty heading tags
1083 176 months ago need windows installer for 1.1
1084 176 months ago move renderer selection logic out of SilvaDocument
1085 172 months ago remove Silva Document specific support from Silva core page template
1086 177 months ago ParsedXML 1.4 edit link should work properly
1087 174 months ago Wrong version of documentation on
1088 176 months ago if kupu installed afterwards, how to make silva pick it up?
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