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1662 154 months ago Ghosts are using the old Zope 3 skin API
1657 155 months ago Error with container publish tab
1568 155 months ago User Settings window broken
1582 155 months ago Forms editor edit arrows do not work
1433 157 months ago ExtFile and Zope-2.8
1543 157 months ago full media export/import: scaling/cropping and properties lost
1630 157 months ago UnicodeDecodeError when adding code source
1628 157 months ago Umlaut in code source's title makes silva documents uneditable
1593 157 months ago Lookup window errors with Reader access
1569 158 months ago Perms. on ExternalSource.form break external sources in forms editor
1621 158 months ago Language Switch in SMI not working, neither does access to User settings
1567 159 months ago User Settings Screen is broken
1596 162 months ago Public Access Restrictions @@minimum_role_submit error
1594 162 months ago Kupu in Silva-1.1.5 saves absolute paths.
1495 162 months ago we need to pull and update a new documentation tree for the 1.5 release
1538 164 months ago adding a link reference does not work with custom SilvaLayout installed
1539 166 months ago adding a link reference does not work
1524 166 months ago test whether author role works with new lookup code
1503 167 months ago Broken Ghost Folders if target is in other folder
1319 167 months ago silva_docs should get updated for 1.3
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