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1565 72 months ago Silva-1.6, Silva-future, Silva-midterm manage_convertIndexes slow unread faassen  
1692 73 months ago Silva-1.6 Text decoration buttons in Kupu not showing state correctly deferred thisfred jasper
1625 154 months ago Silva-1.6 changing users settings of local users deferred wim daniel
1349 155 months ago Silva-1.6, Silva-midterm can't place headings inside list items in kupu deferred aaltepet  
1452 157 months ago Silva-1.6, Silva-midterm Hires links on images work when set from Kupu, not from Forms editor deferred johnny faassen
1510 166 months ago Silva-1.6 french localization for the button "groups admin..." is not available deferred kitblake thisfred
1271 72 months ago Silva-1.6 API doc is missing accessibility link methods chatting kitblake kitblake
1687 73 months ago Silva-1.6, Silva-2.0, zope2.10 Update Documentation chatting wim  
1550 73 months ago Silva-1.6, Silva-midterm Monitor chatting jw  
1713 74 months ago Silva-1.6 NewInterface chatting kitblake thisfred
1722 153 months ago Kupu, Silva-1.6 wrong version in kupu logo in the SMI chatting wim  
1591 153 months ago Kupu, Silva-1.6 Kupu editor view not i18n chatting lbenno thisfred
1714 153 months ago Silva-1.6 ReferenceLookupWindowField doesn't accept absolute external links chatting schluep  
1673 154 months ago Silva-1.6 test content upgrade from Silva 1.5 to Silva 1.6 chatting faassen thisfred
1397 158 months ago Kupu, Silva-1.6 cutting and pasting doesn't strip msoNormal from paragraphs chatting aaltepet  
1443 167 months ago Silva-1.6 containers as index 'documents' chatting aaltepet  
1607 154 months ago Silva-1.5, Silva-1.6 combination of file/image reference in document and SilvaLayout skin need-eg faassen daniel
1597 155 months ago Silva-1.1, Silva-1.5, Silva-1.6 Losing Assets in filesystem when copying within a ZEO installation need-eg flynt faassen
1368 154 months ago Silva-1.6 Release communication in-progress kitblake thisfred
1383 166 months ago Silva-1.6, Zope2.7, images, zope2.8 Remove PIL dependency from tests in-progress sacco faassen
1418 152 months ago Silva-1.6, extension SNN SilvaNews using fssite testing sacco faassen
1606 153 months ago Silva-1.5, Silva-1.6 Standard error message can't call anything when behind an access restriction testing kitblake daniel
1704 153 months ago Silva-1.5, Silva-1.6, Silva-2.0 Problem with CheckBoxFields as parameters in CodeSources testing lbenno wim
1645 153 months ago Silva-1.5, Silva-1.6 Ghosts without date in HTTP header testing flynt thisfred
1588 153 months ago Silva-1.5, Silva-1.6, error error in access screen testing aaltepet daniel
1708 153 months ago Silva-1.6, Silva-2.0 Setting the locale in zope.conf breaks the SMI testing thisfred thisfred
1577 154 months ago Silva-1.6 Kupu Error when changing Number of Table-Columns testing kitblake jasper
1561 157 months ago Silva-1.5, Silva-1.6 get launchpad i18n done-cbb faassen thisfred
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