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Author aaltepet
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Date 2005-09-21.19:54:19
It appears that kupu (in commin/kupucontentfilters.js, around line 440) does have 
a blacklist of mso classnames to filter out, but they are case-sensitive.  We have 
documents our users are pasting from that have a different cases than the defined 
(e.g. msoNormal instead of MsoNormal as paragraph class attribute).  Cutting 
and pasting (and saving) in kupu works fine, but the paragraph widget renderer 
(both edit and view) don't understand the class (expecting one of the standard 
silva styles) and hence skips rendering that content. 
This is in Silva1.3 (actually, guido-kupu-1_3-branch) and a recent checkout of 
kupu trunk 
1) Kupu should use a case-insensitive blacklist test  
2) the behavior of the paragraph widget should fallback to 'normal' on unknown 
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