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Author sacco
Recipients faassen, kitblake, sacco
Date 2006-01-24.17:44:49
As far as I recall, apart from the test which clemens fixed, the PIL dependency
was confined to the ExtFile tests.

If you want to remove this dependency, a dumb fix is simply to wrap everything
which depends on PIL in:
+        try:
+            from PIL import Image
+        except ImportError:
+            pass
+        else:
+            ...

or else (if there are several things together) to use:
+        try:
+            from PIL import Image
+            have_PIL = True
+        except ImportError:
+            have_PIL = False

+        if have_PIL:
+        else:
+           pass

For the sake of ... actually I'm not really sure why I did it ... I patched this
for ExtFile 1.4.4 (patch uploaded), but I did it rather fast so if anybody wants
to use it it might be worth checking that it looks sensible.
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24_ExtFile-tests.patch sacco, 2006-01-24.17:44:50
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