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Author faassen
Recipients faassen, flynt, kitblake, lbenno, wolfgang
Date 2006-07-24.18:45:57
I've now set up a Silva 1.1 with ZEO & ExtFile. No samba yet, just two ZEO
clients talking to the same filesystem storage on a single machine. I'm trying
to reproduce the issue. 

Some more questions, hope you can answer some at least:

* how often does this happen? How often during the day, what percentage of copy
and paste events does this occur would you say?

* is this reliably demonstratable or does this happen once every while?

* do you have indications that the machine is loaded heavily when this happens?
Many conflict errors, say?

* does file size matter? I.e. does this happen more or less often with large
files, for instance?

* does the size of the copy matter? I.e. if you're copying a lot (say, a whole
tree of folders with assets in there) does it happen more often than if you just
copy one file?

* you've seen this happen both with cut/paste and copy/paste?

I'm asking these questions just to get an idea on how to best reproduce this, so
in general if you have a sequence of steps to make this more likely to happen,
please let me know. Or possibly in reverse: are there circumstances or ways to
make the problem *less* likely to occur?
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