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Author faassen
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Date 2006-08-01.18:39:40
In the following circumstances there could be a problem with SilvaLayout and

* create a publication A with a SilvaLayout based skin 1

* create a publication B with a SilvaLayout based skin 2

* register a view '@@foo' for (for example) ISilvaObject, only in skin 1

* create a Silva Document that contains a file or image reference.

* this reference is to an asset in publication B

* the page template displaying the Silva Document does something like
tal:content="context/@@foo" *after* the content is rendered.

* @@foo will not be found, as it'll now look in skin 2, where it isn't registered.

Basically when traversal happens (such as when displaying a file or image in a
document) into a publication with a different skin during rendering of a page,
the skin will be overridden in REQUEST during traversal. Special care needs to
be taken to reset the skin back to the original skin in REQUEST after traversal
takes place.

Basically Silva needs to be reviewed: all cases where such traversal occurs runs
the risk of losing the skin.
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