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Author thisfred
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Date 2006-10-10.17:56:37
Ok, I think I have a better picture now:

silva-kupu was never fully i18n-ed, and the translated strings came from the
i18n of generic kupu, that's why 'image' and 'table' were translated. The kupu
maintainers never bothered to extract strings from the silva macros, so the
silva specific things never ended up in the .pot template :(

The good news is that from Silva1.6 up the silva specific files from kupu are in
the Silva core itself, so we have full control and can i18n those. 

But the i18n machinery in kupu1.3.5 depends on the old placeless translation
service way of doing things, and Silva 1.5 does not support that anymore. I'll
see if I can fix it somehow.
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