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Author thisfred
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Date 2006-10-26.10:57:53
> Two questions (for Eric):
> Can you do an extraction of the Kupu strings for Silva 1.6 so somebody at ETH,
> perhaps Doris, can translate them?

The extractions are done, and in the trunk. The problem right now is 
that due to a bug in rosetta, I can't upload them so people can work on 
translations. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

> If we have the translations, could we put i18n attributes in the Kupu files that
> we distribute with Silva 1.5? I believe this would not be double work, as those
> same files are in Silva 1.6. Or are some of them '.kupu' files that need to made?

We'll need to fork kupu, since in 1.5 kupu isn't in Silva yet. If we do 
that, we can set the i18n-domain to 'silva' instead of kupu, and put the 
strings into the silva.pot somehow. (We need to be careful, because a 
reextraction will remove the strings if we add them by hand, but 
hopefully no re-extractions will be necessary for the 1.5 branch.)
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