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Author flynt
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Date 2007-01-26.10:33:29
Some observations in regard to Silva contents upgrade:

ExtFile. As it is not part of the Silva core, ExtFile is often not included in
the tests. However, any site using more and a bit larger assets is tempted
quickly to use ExtFile as otherwise the ZODB is blown up easily. And if ExtFile
is in use, any contents upgrade tests not involving ExtFile with assets in the
file system is not sufficient for real production situations. So, if possible,
don't forget ExtFile in the whole picture of contents in Silva WCMS.
(Remark: Even during the officially ordered tests for compatibility of
ExtFile-1.5.2 it has been obviously forgotten to test the upgrade procedure:
upgrading from Silva 1.4 to 1.5 with use of the ExtFile-1.5.2 gives trouble
(POSKey Errors); you have to stick first to ExtFile-1.4.2 for the upgrade before
you switch. The tester at Infrae did not find this. Additionally there are
problems in Silva-1.5 with Zope Exports Imports, when assets are used in the
filesystem. Again you get POSKey Errors when importing with all the assets in
the repository. You have to import without repository and only after import copy
the respective assets into the repository. Very strange behaviour.)

SilvaExtensions and Codesources. Maybe especially important to observe and check
for problems with the change from Silva-1.5 to 1.6 (and Zope-2.10)? 

I give these hints, as here at ETH with a lot of old contents now, upgrades
become more and more targets of critics. There are voices which state that we
shouldn't do any upgrades at all any more (which then would mean we would have
to freeze Silva with all consequences), because those people, especially from
mass hosting operation and helpdesk, are more and more scared of the Silva WCMS
upgrades and the bugs and work they imply.
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