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Author daniel
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Date 2007-03-13.12:18:04
I can't look at this right now.  For the records:

From my POV the problem is that the Five view needs to be looked up on the
content object.  Thus, the URL changes to point to the content object and strips
out the '/edit' part.  Now with a base tag in place, we can have all relative
links on that page still point to '/edit/name'.  If other parts of the page need
to link to the content object itself (like '@@minimum_role_submit' originally
did with '../@@minimum_role_submit'), we need them to point to the content
object via .absolute_url(), like '@@minimum_role_submit' does it now.

An alternative solution that comes to my mind, which would make base tag and
other hacks unnecessary, would be to redirect.  But that has the problem that we
cannot send a message along.  I'm not sure if messages (=feedback) can also be
stored in cookies or some such.
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